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Best Practices: How to Choose a Food Grade 3PL

7 Keys to Successful Food Supply Chains

Have you struggled to find a 3PL that will successfully meet your food outsourcing and distribution needs? 

Choosing the right company can be difficult — that is where we come in. As an established leader in the food contract packaging and distribution space, Dynamic 3PL understands what it takes to successfully outsource food packaging, storage, and distribution. There are many different factors that need to be considered when selecting your food outsourcing partner. Our informative, easy-to-read guide will help you determine selection criteria and the ideal attributes for your food outsourcing supplier.

This white paper contains valuable information on seven different food outsourcing best practices that will enable your company to successfully outsource food production and distribution…

Through the establishment of outsourcing requirements, the adoption of operational excellence, implementation of food safety guidelines, technology integration, specialization, proper packaging, and outsourcing to a central location, your company can greatly reduce risks.

Learn about the importance of utilizing a one-stop-shop in a transportation logistics hub such as Chicago…

To reduce food safety risks, time, and cost, we recommend using a fully integrated outsourcing partner that can manage food packaging, warehousing, and transportation under one roof. Not only does a one-stop-shop streamline the transportation, warehousing, and contract packaging elements of your business, but it will greatly reduce all those headaches associated with maintaining a fluid line of communication between you, your customers and your outsourcing partners.

Our beloved Chicago is an ideal location for an outsourced contract packaging and distribution partner because of its access to ports, highways, airports, and rails.  These features are advantageous because it allows for shipments to reach about 70% of the United States population within one to two days. Reduced distance to customers means shorter transit times, lower transportation costs, increased responsiveness, less handling, and reduced food safety risk.

Specialization is key…

Working with a 3PL that specializes in food outsourcing has numerous benefits.  Food contract packaging and outsourcing requires facilities and expertise that most transport and logistics companies just don’t have. With food safety and FSMA, the bar is very high. You should partner with a company with food experience and food safety certifications.


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