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Holidays offer a great opportunity for your business to captivate customers with unique presentation and sleek aesthetic. Through our gift-building services, your products can be given a seasonal flair that captures the attention and nostalgic affection of the consumer. Whether in decorative box, basket, or wrapping, gift items assembled in our facilities carry that festive touch that consumers are looking for.

Gift Building – Whole Project or Overflow

Because of Dynamic’s comprehensive suite of service offerings, we have won business from some national flower and gift delivery services. These company use Dynamic to meet their seasonal surge in business. Rather than hire and fire for every busy season, these companies outsource to Dynamic. Dynamic is capable of managing the entire project or just assisting on the overflow.

Gift Building Service – National Distribution

Dynamic also has a full service transportation division that enables us distribute the gifts once they are assembled. Our main operation is in the Chicago, which is recognized as one of the best locations in the USA for distribution. Our transportation division partners with Echo Transportation, which was recognized as the 2nd Best 3PL in 2015 by Inbound Logistics. Our partnership with Echo along with our own capabilities enables us to deliver a world class gift building service.

Difficult, Time Critical Jobs are Our Business

Dynamic has the experience, facilities, services and people to quickly ramp up to meet your seasonal demand. Our business is managing time critical, complex tasks for our customers. By using Dynamic, our customers avoid hiring temporary workers, finding space to do the work and developing processes for managing the work. All of our projects are customized, so we are accustomed to learning, training, staffing and fulfilling quickly.

Advantages of our gift building services:

  • Heightened Retail Visibility
  • Festive Design
  • That “Human Touch”
  • Added Value at Minimal Cost
  • Nostalgic Appeal
  • Ready For Market

Take the stress out of your supply chain.

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