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Shrink Wrapping Rocks!

Shrink wrapping is one of those seemingly boring, mundane products that add tons of value. Shrinkwrapping generally costs less, requires less investment, takes up less space, and has a smaller environmental impact than traditional packaging.

Many of the big box retailers are asking their suppliers to use shrink wrapping because it is attractive and takes up less shelf space. Additionally, shrink wrap weighs less, and protects products from dirt, dust, and humidity. Also, if someone tampers with shrink wrapping it is noticeable (tamper evident).

Shrink Wrapping for Presentation and Preservation

Retailers and consumers respond to real, tangible quality, and our heat tunnel services are available to preserve your quality products. By utilizing our heat tunnel services, you provide the consumer with both the preservation and presentation deserved of a quality brand, and our trained packaging team is well-equipped to help your brand realize that status.

Dynamic’s Shrink Wrapping Process Ensures Consistent Quality

Our Heat tunnel (sometimes known as shrink tunnel), conveyor system runs your product through this packaging process, tightly wrapping the product in a form-fitting manner. The temperature settings and conveyor speed of the heat tunnel are adjusted by our team to safely heat the shrink film around the product. The hot temperature applied to the film causes a reaction in which the wrapping tightly conforms to the product. Our heat tunnel is capable of accommodating a wide range of production.

A vast variety of industries find value in heat tunnel service for retail packaging, industrial packaging, and food packaging, among others. Dynamic 3PL’s heat tunnel service is an optimal solution to help speed up production while simultaneously applying consistent shrink wrapping to all of your product line.

Take the stress out of your supply chain.

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