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Dynamic 3PL is Kosher Certified

Dynamic 3PL is a kosher certified food facility, which means we comply with Jewish dietary law. The kosher certification is a seal of approval that means we use ingredients and production processes that adhere to the strict kosher food standards, including purity, quality, and cleanliness.

Increasingly, consumers outside the Jewish faith are buying kosher products. These consumers are attracted to the higher standards that comes with the kosher certification. These shoppers are going kosher as a means to achieve a safer, healthier diet.

Dynamic Meets the Highest Food Standards

At Dynamic 3PL, we are accustomed to meeting the high food standards that our customers demand. In addition to being a kosher certified facility, we are Safe Quality Food (SQF).

Our SQF (Standard Quality Food) certified warehouse provides a safe and sanitary environment for all of the kosher products we handle. Dynamic 3PL believes not only in adhering to kosher requirements for kosher-specified products, but also applying the strict codes of SQF across for all our food processing and packaging services. The kosher food business thrives on attentive cleanliness, and we are certain that you will be impressed by the care for the food products handled within our facilities.

Dynamic 3PL is also compliant to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Our SQF certification helped us meet and exceed FSMA standards.

Dynamic is able to meet our customer’s high standards for food because we developed a culture of food safety and process compliance. We have invested in our people, training, certifications, equipment and facilities to ensure that our food customers get exactly what they want.

Our commitment to clean facilities, quality control, and strong oversight offers our customers full confidence in every kosher product we handle.

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