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What is Intermodal?

Intermodal use is growing and Dynamic 3PL can determine if intermodal makes sense for your company. Our transportation team can quickly analyze your shipments and provide a intermodal quote. Intermodal is an increasingly cost effective solution for shippers.

Intermodal transports shipments with multiple modes of transportation – ocean, rail, over the road and even by air. Freight containers are utilized in intermodal. The shipping container is moved from one mode to another without handling. Intermodal greatly minimizes the product handling of shipments and often reduces damage as well.

Advantages of our intermodal transportation services include:

  • Less product handling and opportunity for damage
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Greater Reliability
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Environment Friendly


Intermodal transportation may be beneficial to your business for a wide variety of reasons. The value proposition pertaining to intermodal transport is considered by many to be higher than highway transport. Rail transportation tends to be more energy efficient. It also helps avoid those pesky highway issues such as driver shortage, fuel prices, and restricted hours of service on the road. Many of these challenges can be avoided through intermodal transport. We seek to help our customers maintain a quality, cost-effective approach. We believe our intermodal transportation services will provide those solutions.

Partnership with Echo Global Logistics

Dynamic 3PL has become part of the Echo Global Logistics family. Our Echo partnership enables us to offer huge discounts across all modes of transportation from and to any location worldwide. In addition to the Echo capabilities, we have a solid team of veterans who will become an extension of your supply chain group.

In the 3PL business, you live and die with your partners. Dynamic 3PL has chosen to partner with Echo Global Logistics. We chose Echo for the following reasons:

Reputation. The Echo brand is one of the best known brands in the transportation and logistics industry. They are one of the biggest, but more importantly they are one of the best. Inbound Logistics ranked Echo as the 2nd best 3PL in 2015, which speaks to the respect they have in the business.

Buying power. As one of the largest and most respected 3PLs, Echo has negotiated discounted rates with the best asset based carriers in every mode. Regardless of the mode; ocean, air, LTL, truckload, parcel or intermodal, we get discounted rates from Echo and we pass the savings on to our customers. Size matters in the 3PL business – it attracts the best carriers and get the biggest price discounts.

Technology. At Dynamic, we are technology experts. We used a lot of different systems, sensors and applications to manage our business. We picked Echo as our partner because of their dedication to state of the art technology. Echo’s proprietary transportation management system is second to none and we make it available to our customers.

Leverage volume. One of the advantages doing a lot of shipments is discounted prices with top carriers. Another advantage is consolidating loads and backhauls which results in even more savings. Echo’s big volumes along with their proprietary technology enables them to bring innovative solutions and big savings to their partners and customers.

Capability. Echo brings enormous resources and expertise to our partnership. There is no project too big or too complex for us to manage. Between Echo’s world class transportation capability and Dynamic project management / customer service, your most important shipments are in good hands.

Take the stress out of your supply chain.

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