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Advantages to Supply Chain Outsourcing:

Business to consumer fulfillment is a fast growing segment of the economy. As ecommerce grows in scale and sophistication, B2C fulfillment suppliers will be challenged to keep pace.

B2C Is Very Different From B2B

Delivering to consumers is very different from delivering to a business. When you deliver to a business, they have logistics professionals with regular working hours. Their shipping team knows how to receive shipments and deal with problems.

Consumers on the other hand, may only receive an occasional delivery. They don’t have regular receiving hours or a receiving process and they certainly don’t want to deal with problems. B2B fulfillment is between two logistics professionals. B2C fulfillment is between one logistics professional and a consumer who expects a good customer experience.

The Bar is Higher for B2C Fulfillment

The bar is higher for B2C fulfillment, which is why your company should hire Dynamic 3PL. Dynamic has significant experience and expertise in fulfillment for retailers, wholesalers, ecommerce companies and distributors.

To meet the high standards expected by our customers, we strive to achieve the following:

Order accuracy. We recognize the importance of delivering the right stuff to the right people at the right time. Proper technology, good processes and communication between us and our customers helps us exceed our customer expectations for order accuracy. We measure order accuracy and provide weekly reports to our customers. On the very rare occasion where we have a bad order, we root cause the problem and implement preventative controls.

Customer integration. Our goal is to create an excellent experience for our customer and their customer. To create an end to end seamless experience, we have learned that integration with our customers is key. We want to become an extension of your company. We want to understand your needs and the needs of your customer. Ideally, we can integrate systems, processes and develop really good informal and formal communication between our fulfillment team and your company.

Personalization. We work with our customers to create a personalized experience for their customers. Whether it’s an extra phone call, email or a personal note included with the product. Personalization increases customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Excel at the Basics. The blocking and tackling of fulfillment and warehouse management is where Dynamic excels. We have the people, processes, technologies and experience to exceed the expectations of our customers. We effectively manage documentation, returns, inbound / outbound transportation, order processing, order entry, inventory management and customization. For every customer, we conduct a rigorous discovery process upfront and then design an optimized solution.

Bring Us Your Supply Chain Problem

The Dynamic 3PL team specializes in developing customized supply chain solutions for our customers. Dynamic’s rapid growth has been driven by our customers asking us to expand our service offering to solve a problem for them.

So if you have a unique supply chain or logistics challenge, ask us! We will be happy to provide a no-cost, no obligation consultation.

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