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Warehouse Cross Docking Services:

Dynamic 3PL manages cross-docking operations for a variety of retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.

What is Cross Docking?

Cross docking is the practice in logistics when cargo from an incoming vehicle is directly loaded into an outbound mode of transportation.

Typically, cross docking takes place in a warehouse/distribution center/terminal that has docks for shipping and receiving. Cross docking refers to the process of receiving goods through an inbound dock and then transferring them across the warehouse to the outbound transportation dock.

There are different types of cross docking depending on whether the client is a distributor, manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer. The most common process would be as follows: the warehouse receives goods from multiple suppliers, repackages those goods, and loads the goods onto another truck for shipment to the customer.

Advantages of Cross Docking

Companies use Dynamic for cross-docking to gain the following benefits:

Reduced inventory, which results in reduced inventory holding costs

  • Less inventory handling which lowers costs and minimizes the opportunity for damage
  • Minimizes or eliminates the need for warehouse space, which saves money
  • Reduced lead time from order to the customer.
  • Streamlines the supply chain and reduces receiving, order processing, and kitting at the destination
  • Lowers transportation costs and labor costs

The Dynamic Advantage

Dynamic 3PL’s cross-docking operation is hard to beat because of the following reasons:

Location. Our cross docking facility is located in Joliet, IL. Northern Illinois and Indiana are prized locations for distribution centers, terminals, and cross docking facilities because of the close proximity to important rail, ports, airports, expressways, and major US cities.

Cross-Docking expertise. At Dynamic, we know how to manage your cross docking operation efficiently and effectively. We carefully design the layout and develop processes for unloading, screening, documenting, sorting, and reloading.

Transportation capability. Dynamic has a full-service transportation group that does thousands of shipments per month. We have an experienced team plus we partner with Echo Global Logistics. Our relationship with Echo gives us access to their enormous network of carriers along with volume discounts that very few companies can get.

Bring Us Your Supply Chain Problem

The Dynamic 3PL team specializes in developing customized supply chain solutions for our customers. Dynamic’s rapid growth has been driven by our customers asking us to expand our service offering to solve a problem for them.

So if you have a unique supply chain or logistics challenge, ask us! We will be happy to provide a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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