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At Dynamic, inventory management is at the heart of our business. Our customers know they can count on us to properly manage their inventory.

In addition to managing inventory for our customers, we also perform a variety of other services like pick and pack, kitting, sorting, segregating, B2B fulfillment, B2C fulfillment and light assembly. Bottom line: If we weren’t good at inventory management, we would be sunk!

Dynamic Provides Effective Inventory Management

Effective inventory management requires experience and expertise – Dynamic has plenty of both those attributes.

Process, Process, Process

To make sure the right things are in the right place at the right time, we have developed inventory management processes for the following functions:

Receiving. When we receive an inbound shipment, we immediately check it for damage, errors or shortages. Every shipment and part is entered into our warehouse management system (WMS)

Storage. Every product has its own storage location and we pride ourselves on keeping an orderly shop.

Moving. When things are moved from its storage location, it is either being shipped or moved for a secondary operation within our facility. The process is documented and for complex operations, we create flow chart. We leave nothing to chance.

Shipping. A sure way to lose customers is to screw up on the shipping. We measure our performance with key performance indicators. Our performance is top notch, but occasionally there is a bad order. For every bad order, we conduct a root cause analysis and change the process if necessary. We will also cover the cost of expediting the shipment if necessary. Dynamic has a full service transportation division, so we can ship your product anywhere in the world and in any mode.

For every complex function, we develop process flows, so our team knows exactly what to do.

Operational Excellence Powered by Technology

Our inventory management process is powered by the latest technologies. In addition to our warehouse management system, we also utilize the latest in labeling and scanning technology.

At Dynamic 3PL we believe in getting out ahead of the problem. Keeping our ducks in a row allows us to focus on more important matters than the wild goose chases you might find with certain other warehousing providers. Our trained, experienced warehouse staff is always alert and equipped with the latest and greatest in warehouse innovation.

From packaging to warehousing to transportation.

Take the stress out of your supply chain and contact the experts.

Take the stress out of your supply chain.

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