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At Dynamic, our experience in both warehousing and transportation has made us uniquely qualified as a distribution center. As a distribution center, we offer sort and segregate services to our customers.

What is Sort and Segregate Services?

Sort and segregate (sometimes called sort and seg) is required when a shipper wants verification that all the goods shipped reached the destination. Sort and Seg means that the driver, lumpers, or dock workers count every case on the pallet when it is received. Sort and seg is in effect an audit to make sure that the shipment received is correct and not short.

Sorting and segregating can be a time-consuming project, so drivers, especially LTL drivers will not participate, so 3PLs like Dynamic often develop services to meet the need.

Freight is often organized to maximize the number of units that can fit into the truck. The optimized transportation configuration is often not optimal for warehousing. The product configuration for delivering freight is often not the best configuration for warehousing. Sort and seg services reconfigure the freight for storage or shipping.

Shipments can be sorted and segregated by pallet, crate, SKU, size, brand, or any other distinguishing characteristic. Typically, the product is then repackaged and prepared for shipping and distribution to various locations.

Dynamic Has the Edge in Sort and Segregate

Dynamic 3PL is located in Joliet IL, which is considered one of the premier locations for distribution centers because of its proximity to Chicago and other major markets. Dynamic 3PL is a full-service distribution center that moves products nationally and internationally for our customers.

We excel at sort and segregate because we have the experience and resources required to make this sometimes tricky operation succeed. Dynamic has many complimentary services, like kitting, sub-assembly, inventory management, cross docking, DC management, packaging, and transportation, that enable us to meet our customers sort and seg requirements.

At Dynamic, our warehousing team can sort and segregate products to assemble pallets according to the customer’s specifications. Regardless of whether the freight is being repackaged for shipment or stored, the Dynamic team can manage the operation effectively and efficiently.

From packaging to warehousing to transportation.

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Take the stress out of your supply chain.

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